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"I finally found a place that teaches what Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about."
—Larry P.

Unmixed Worship: A Call to Come Out

Prophetic Watch Update: Science Save Us!

Prophetic Watch Update: I Am A.I.

Review of the Festival of Weeks/Pentecost

Shared Vision of Future Protection for the Set-Apart Ones

Live Stream unpacks truth from the Scriptures on how to easily and effectively connect with the Father's Presence.  You will learn to unlock and execute greater authority and power of the Word and the Spirit.

"Powerless Christianity is a contradiction in terms.  In this book Marc shows believers how to reconnect to their power source and into the supernatural through prayer."  Joan Hunter, Author/Evangelist

"Excellent book.  Everyone loves a story.  This is a beautiful and inspirig story of Marc's journey in God.  Readers will be blessed."  Dr. Mark Virkler, Pres. of Christ Life Institute


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"...knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture came to be of one's own interpretation, for prophecy never came by the desire of man, but men of God spoke, being moved by the Holy Spirit." 

2 Peter 1:20-21


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"This place is a refuge for the remnant!"


Why we say the Name Yehovah.
Teaching or Waiting Prayer.
Prophetic understanding on the remnant from Revelation.
Teaching on Sukkot:REJOICE!.
Waiting Prayer Music .